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Ellen Depasquale Gives An Amplifying Engagement Keynote

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: youtu.be
Ellen Depasquale demonstrates how social media can be used in marketing in this amplifying engagement keynote. As the Regional Development Director of Constant Contact, Ellen Depasquale delivers the "what, why, and how" of social campaigns in order to allow brands to connect with current and potential consumers.

The ability to have real results for businesses often relies on making sure each interaction is purposeful in order to reach the people who like a brand and will be the ones who will most importantly share a brand or product.

Depasquale goes through the three basic steps to supercharging social media; by planning through repeating business and amplifying word of mouth with a great offer, to publishing which is sharing your message easily to stay top-of-mind with others and finally to promoting.