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Jessi Arrington Encourages Individuals to Embrace Second Hand Shopping

 - Feb 10, 2012
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Designer and fashion blogger Jessi Arrington describes her outfit obsession, revealing that she does not buy anything new. Arrington explains how second hand shopping contributes to a unique look, an inexpensive price tag and a lesser impact on her surrounding environment.

The designer shares her adventures, searching for distinctive finds and wearing nothing new. Believing that one can always look great for under 50 dollars, she expresses color's power to affect mood and provide happiness. Arrington believes that one's happiness reflects on others, attracting positivity and optimism.

Jessi Arrington encourages individuals to be who they are, embracing their style and surrounding themselves with individuals who support and believe in them. Developing a unique style says a lot about a person without them needing to say a word.