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This Rick Guidotti Keynote Demonstrates the Value of Genetic Diversity

 - May 7, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this inspiring and moving Rick Guidotti keynote, the fashion photographer discusses albinism and his efforts to remove the negative stigmas surrounding this genetic disorder.

Bothered by the parameters society and the modelling industry have created of beauty standards, Guidoitti founded a non-profit organization called Positive Exposure, to share the stories, experiences and beauty of children affected by albinism.

His speech spotlights a variety of touching stories of real children who have been victimized by society and other children who see albinism as a curse or defect. His speech demonstrates how his efforts have improved the lives of so many children. He explains how he has managed to make these young children feel beautiful, empowered and confident.

While his keynote specifically discusses the genetic disorder of albinism, it speaks volumes of the narrowly defined standards of beauty, which often result in unjust discrimination and treatment.