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Lorrie Thomas Ross’s Connective Marketing Speech is Prescriptive

 - Sep 14, 2013
References: lorriethomas & youtube
In her connective marketing speech, Lorrie Thomas Ross discusses the importance of relationships in marketing. Her keynote has a theme of connectivity in culture and touches on social media marketing. Known in the marketing industry as the Web Therapist, Lorrie Thomas Ross takes a strategic and prescriptive approach in this talk.

The speaker differentiates marketing from advertising by saying advertising is a marketing tool, like social media. Where as in the past, Mad Men-esque expense accounts were necessary, that level of grandeur is no longer necessary to compete in web marketing. Similarly, where as ‘real estate’ was considered of high importance, this now translates to online space as well.

Rather than being sales-focused, her connective marketing speech examines the relationships and maximizing exchanges between brands and consumers. She notes that people purchase things based on want, not need and buying habits are often emotional.