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Rory Sutherland's Advertising Speech Talks Reward Elements

 - Jan 11, 2013
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Rory Sutherland is well known for his expertise in marketing as well as his highly engaging manner of presenting keynotes and this particular advertising speech is certainly no exception. A few lessons governments could learn from marketers is the specific focus of this speech.

Sutherland believes that just as human understanding is the future of business, it is also the future of government and effective politics. Value is subjective -- Sutherland cannot emphasize this enough -- and politicians and governments need to start applying this to the laws they make.

He argues that people will be less likely to view paying taxes as punitive if they get something back. If politicians were to add even the smallest element of reward or choice to the process of paying taxes each year, they whole thing would encompass an entirely different paradigm.

This advertising speech, like all other presentations by Rory Sutherland, engages, educates and informs.