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Rory Sutherland's Advertising Keynote is Intriguing

 - May 26, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Advertisement guru Rory Sutherland talks about the benefits of "sweating over the small stuff" in this advertising keynote.

Corporations, governments especially, can often become disconnected in regards to what matters to people. Events that are promoted as being of large significance often time have little relevance to the majority of individuals. A lot of money can be put into campaigns, products and promotional endeavors but what people will remember down the road are the little things.

Extravagance and illustrious, impressive though they may be, do not have the same emotional impact that subtle details contain. Referring to a chart divided in sections of "how much something costs" and "stuff that has a big effect" Rory Sutherland illustrates that not enough resources are put into things that cost relatively little and produce a big effect, the area he refers to as "details."