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Tom Bedecarre's Software Advertising Keynote Explores New Strategies

 - Dec 12, 2012
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Tom Bedecarre delivers a fascinating software advertising keynote at the 2012 Mashable Media Summit, during which he discusses the transforming landscape of the advertising agency. He dubs his speech 'Storytelling Through Software' because sees many of the changes occurring for agencies being based in the realm in the realm of software.

According to Bedecarre, the changes the ad industry is going to be forced to deal with will be very similar to the storm-like conditions faced by the media over the last decade -- magazines, the newspaper and books. Where in traditional advertising, advertisers would work with a story developer to create that connection with consumers, today is with a software developer that is needed.

He uses video games as the best example of software storytelling. Ads will no longer capture the attention of consumers; his software advertising keynote argues that apps are what consumers are looking for to consume information.