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Steve Rubel's Consumption Speech Explains the Merging of Media and Marketing

 - Dec 12, 2012
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In this consumption speech, Steve Rubel, EVP for global Strategy for Edleman, discusses the merging of marketing and media companies in the modern world. He states that marketers and media companies are like zebras and elephants; both very different from one another. In the world today, people can easily discern what is being advertised from what is editorial content. He then explains, however, in certain places in Kenya, zebras and elephants actually live together harmoniously. He sees this as the future of media consumption.

He predicts that media and marketing is becoming so blended that in the very near future, it will be very difficult to tell the difference between the two. He advises marketers to not box themselves in, and he says the same for media companies.

His consumption speech is a simple and straightforward message about the changing landscape of the media today.