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This Branding Experience Keynote by Scott Bedbury Discusses Effects on Ads

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: brandstream & psfk
Scott Bedbury's branding experience keynote showcases how the consumer's emotional experience with the brand is shaping the world of advertising. A large portion of marketing companies simply offer advertising, but providing people with an experience is something that's proven to be more effective than any advert.

Being able to create a bridge of communication is without advertising is key in developing a successful brand, according to Bedbury. He cites that successful ad firms base their campaigns not on the product, but by 'timeless fundamental human needs.' The feeling of being value, having safety, and being recognized are experiences that trigger an emotional response with consumers.

Bedbury' believes that a balance between the emotional and functional experiences of the product should be created for brand to prosper. A brand must have a unifying voice. A company should be able to tell its story on who and what that company is, otherwise people outside the company will create it for them.