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Rohit Bhargava Discusses Brand Success in His Likeability Keynote

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: rohitbhargava & psfk
Being likable is facet of the world that's important in business, politics and the social lives of people, according to Rohit Bhargava in his likability keynote.

The marketing industry has shaped the world into creating a culture were disagreement is everywhere. Marketers often believe that if the truth is showcased, then the consumers will be able to make objective decisions based on the those facts, but facts can be tailored to fit certain criteria. It's selectively pointing out what you the producer want to put out there and Bhargava believes this to be a problem.

In his likability keynote, Bhargava believes that for brands to be successful a personal connection must be made with the consumer to achieve the desired brand status. Personal connections establish whether a brand fails or succeeds.