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Graeme Newell's Emotional Marketing Keynote Speech Dissects Timberland

 - May 26, 2012
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In this emotional marketing keynote speech from Graeme Newell, the professional speaker discusses the potential of a brand when it shifs its focus from a product to its attitude about a product.

Noting that this is what some of the most influential and powerful brands all over the world do, he explains how Timberland especially has built a brand that has gone way beyond its production of outdoor gear.

Timberland has not only created a line of sporting products, it has created a lifestyle that is all about being unstoppable. This idea is powerfully portrayed throughout its advertising. The sense of a lone warrior capable of withstanding and preserving a variety of challenges and elements is what lures in its growing consumer base.

Newell's speech is packed with valuable takeaways and strong examples of the power of emotional branding through various Timberland advertisements.