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Neil Gaiman Looks at How We Find Content in His Word of Mouth Speech

 - Feb 12, 2014
References: neilgaiman & youtube
At the 2013 Digital Minds Conference, Neil Gaiman gave an incredible word of mouth speech, looking at how we find content in today's digital age of overabundant content.

The famous author touched upon how many art-based industries such as music and books are currently panicking about growing digital markets. Gaiman relates personal stories saying how none of this is new, and how industries were always fearing new technology. While the packaging may change, content will always triumph. To that end Gaiman asks, how can we find content we like, in today's world of so much content? Gaiman believes that it is through word of mouth, and in fact it's always been through word of mouth. We must be willing to try, to fail and to "succeed in ways never imagined" by leveraging new technologies and engaging with fans.

Gaiman closes his word of mouth speech by stating that new technologies are not the enemy but rather "the enemy is refusing to understand that the world is changing."