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Neil Gaiman Talks about Enjoying the Ride in His Life as an Adventure Keynote

 - May 30, 2012
References: neilgaiman & youtube
In this inspiring life as an adventure keynote, Neil Gaiman discusses the importance of enjoying the ride that one takes in life while pursuing their goals. The renown author begins his speech by saying that "people who pursue a career in the arts don't know what they're doing, which is good." By not having a clear idea of any rules as to what is possible and impossible one can go beyond any self-imposed boundaries.

Neil Gaiman talks about his strategy for achieving his dreams by imagining his goal as a mountain. If there were times when he was uncertain or anxious he would ask himself, "am I walking towards or away from the mountain?" At the beginning of a career in arts it is very easy to become misguided. Things that appear to make sense and seem more stable could very well be diverting you away from your ultimate goal.

To avoid such mishaps be sure to always approach life as an adventure, not as work. If you do something purely for the money and the money isn't received, you are left with nothing. If you do something because you are passionate about it, even if you don't get the money you are still left with work you are proud of.