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Kevin Allocca Discusses What it Takes to Make a Splash on YouTube

 - Feb 28, 2012
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Trend Manager for YouTube Kevin Allocca discusses the phenomenon of a web video going "viral" in this captivating talk in which he explores his four explanations for what exactly it takes to make a viral video. Kevin Allocca draws on his experience of "professionally watching YouTube video" for a living and, using examples of famous viral videos, discusses why videos go viral and why that matters at all. According to Allocca, web video makes it so that anyone in the world could be famous on the Internet in one week, becoming a part of the culture.

Kevin Allocca breaks down the phenomenon to tastemakers, those who introduce us to new and interesting things and share the point of view with a wider audience, community participation (there are 10,000 parodies of Rebecca Black's "Friday") and unexpectedness and meaning.