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Cody Carver's Advertising Opportunities Presentation on Responsibility

 - Oct 21, 2013
The Cody Carver advertising opportunities presentation looks at the way his industry both reflects and creates popular culture. Advertising is often associated with Don Draper types, smoking camels, gaudy billboards and unrealistic elements of society. While it is often superficial and oversaturated, its reflective and creative qualities present an interesting opening in the industry for socially responsible goods.

Social business is a growing trend within retail, where 90% of people would be willing to switch to socially conscious products given similar quality and prices. Carver claims niche marketing is the way of the future in his advertising opportunities presentation. This is relevant as about a quarter of those polled already are engaging with responsible brands. While businesses like Method and Toms are seeking out advertising firms to promote their message of responsibility, the advertising industry also has the ability to drive social enterprise and place responsibility as a new area of competition between brands.