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Naveen Jain's Social Entrepreneurship Speech Promotes Big Dreaming

 - Oct 27, 2013
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The Naveen Jain social entrepreneurship speech posits that education, water and healthcare are not only the biggest issues in the world, they also provide the most opportunity for entrepreneurs. Many business people have not explored these areas as historically there has been a more philanthropic approach. Jain states social entrepreneurs are often discounted as being more charitable than business.

He believes one of the defining characteristics of an entrepreneur is to dream big and be audacious. When people define the problem, they often limit the solution. He uses the education system as an example, saying it isn't broken but obsolete. Schools take a manufacturing approach, which results in standardized kids and rocketing unemployment rates as the skills students learn are becoming increasingly useless in the 21st century economy. He encourages parents to leave better children for their country, rather than a better country for their children.