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Nena Sanderson's Business Model Replication Speech Examines Developing Countries

 - Sep 22, 2013
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In her business model replication speech, Nena Sanderson discusses her time in Rwanda and the inability for the community she stayed in to meet basic needs like clean water, clean cooking and electricity. While social businesses are able to meet these needs and also be sustainable, entrepreneurs on the ground need help scaling impact. There is a disconnect and a gap here that she would like to address.

Capital is not an issue, as the impact investing market has a budget of $8 billion a year. However, replicating sustainable business models to make a social impact in developing countries will not be successful if entrepreneurs are relied on to take their knowledge to new countries. This is due to problems in focus, perspective and expertise. Her business model replication speech speaks to a replicator that will take successful models and scale them in other markets.