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Craig Kielburger's Importance of Education Address Mentions Development

 - Sep 26, 2013
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During his importance of education address at the University of Windsor convocation for the class of 2009, Craig Kielburger highlights the actions we can take at home and asks the audience to take advantage of the education they received. He speaks of the 210,000,000 child laborers in the world, in addition to the millions of child soldiers and disadvantaged children who will never have access to education or learn to read or write. He tells a particularly moving story of impact about a young girl he encountered in Thailand.

He went on to discuss how those in the developed world with an education should use their degree for good. He defines success as doing something greater than oneself, and encourages the graduates to move away from the notion that an MBA equals a BMW. They are capable of doing great things, or small things with love, as his mentor Mother Theresa told him once.