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Scott Harrison's Clean Water Speech Looks at the Work of His Charity

 - Sep 29, 2013
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In his clean water speech, Scott Harrison tells the story of how he began 'charity: water'. Access to clean water is a serious problem, as 800 million people don't have access to it. This results in preventable deaths and thousands of hours lost to collecting it from contaminated sources. There is no one solution, but many that fit the needs of different geographical and cultural contexts. It is also proven that every $1 spent on water projects returns $4-12 to the local economy.

Harrison is committed to end the water crisis and reinvent giving. Through his work with charity: water, 100% of all public donations go to water projects while administrative costs are covered by private donors, sponsors and their board of directors. Using technology to enhance transparency is also a keystone strategy. Building a brand and changing the way charitable organizations work in the US is also a core part of Harrison's mission and clean water speech.