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Claire Leppord's Education System Talk Points Out Flaws in School Systems

 - Sep 27, 2013
In her education system talk, Claire Leppord discusses her personal story of being home schooled before beginning college at the age of 16. The University of Oregon student is currently studying abroad at Waseda University and shares her new experience with the school system. Claire's parents decided not to send their children to school, and even decided against putting in place a curriculum. Instead, Claire and her younger brother learned through life. If they were interested in a particular topic, from reading to microbiology, their parents took it on as a teaching opportunity.

Upon noticing the amount of apathy towards school in her peers and teachers, Claire realized school can be a way to learn, but isn't the only way. Her education system talk asserts knowledge is not the same as test scores and an education should mean more than graduating from a reputed institution.