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Laurie Bodine's Speech on Successful Skills Spills Secrets from the 10%

 - Sep 22, 2013
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Laurie Bodine's speech on successful skills examines the things parents do in an effort to prepare their children for life and how only 10% of them will actually achieve success. The competitive nature of education not only stops young people from being happy, which 100% of parents agree is their number one wish for their offspring, but it also is not getting the intended results. Doing more for children, in the form of extracurriculars, volunteer trips and expensive schooling is a multimillion dollar industry.

While students may have exceptional scores and high grades, often when they begin post-secondary education or enter the work force, they are seeking direction and are lacking in skills like critical-thinking, professionalism and ethics. This speech on successful skill posits happiness is the primary driver of success, so children need to understand the value of their contribution. Combining their interests with their talents to meet societal needs is a much more appropriate path for happiness and ultimately engaged learners.