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Natalie Houghton's Compassionate Youth Lecture Encourages Awareness

 - Sep 21, 2013
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Natalie Houghton's compassionate youth lecture touches on the work the Jane Goodall Institution is doing to raise a socially conscious generation. The Australian CEO conveys the charitable organization's mantra, which is that while everyone makes a difference, people choose whether it's a positive or destructive one. Different triggers can result in an altruistic nature. But once people are aware and gain knowledge of an issue, that results in compassion, which in turn leads to social action.

This compassionate youth lecture discusses the three focus areas JGI has, which are animal protection, social justice/human rights and environmental preservation. These subjects make up the philosophy of humane education that JGI's youth programming is built upon. Education and an emotional connection to these issues is paramount, as Houghton and Goodall believe apathy is the biggest danger youth and our world face today.