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Bill Nye's Creationism in Education Speech Discourages Religion in Schools

 - Jun 28, 2013
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Bill Nye discusses why religion doesn't belong in schools in this creationism in education speech. Nye talks about meeting people who don't believe in evolution and why that baffles him. He says that creationism needlessly complicates people's lives.

In this speech, Bill Nye encourages parents not to teach their kids about creationism. He explains that the world needs minds with a proper scientific understanding of the world and creationism has no part in that, because there is no proof of a creator.

Nye talks about how the denial of evolution is a huge problem in America. He explains that evolution is the basis of all biology and believing in it is key to having a correct understanding of life science. Nye also predicts that in a few decades creationism will almost be a thing of the past because there's nothing to support it.