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The Justin Trudeau speeches on Aboriginal issues in Canada shone a light on the deplorable...

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Justin Trudeau's Speech on Aboriginal Canadians is a Call to Action

 - Sep 19, 2013
References: freethechildren & youtube
In his speech on Aboriginal Canadians, Justin Trudeau cites some stunning statistics in order to motivate a crowd of empowered young people to take action at home. According to Trudeau, 32,000 families are without clean water or plumbing. First Nations people are eight to ten times more likely to contact tuberculosis. Meanwhile, suicide rates are five to six times greater than the national average, as are the number of people with diabetes.

The speech on Aboriginal Canadians serves as a wake-up call and implores youth to get involved, especially since First Nations people have the highest numbers of youth in Canada. Trudeau mentions We Stand Together, a campaign from Free the Children committed to Aboriginal education. This is especially relevant as high school drop out rates are extremely high in this community.