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Ryan Offutt's Improv Lessons Talk Celebrates Collaboration

 - Oct 1, 2013
References: voxsheffield & youtu.be
Ryan Offutt gives an improv lessons talk during which he offers key takeaways from the dramatic arts and how they can be applied in life. The concept of sharing ideas can be risky. As humans age, they self-sensor their words before sharing. While filtering our thoughts is an important part of socialization, it also limits creativity and innovation. Offutt states improvisation is a process, not a thing. It is about creating something in the space in front of you with what you have.

To be more creative, to collaborate with ease and to share ideas, he puts forward several key principles. The improv lessons talk mentions play, embracing failure and being in the moment. Without failure, there is no innovation. Likewise, it's not enough to pay attention. A person must listen while being open to change. The last notion Offutt speaks to is 'yes, and...' where you not only accept what others offer, but you contribute your own ideas as well.