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Joss Whedon Stresses Debate in His Commencement Address

 - Mar 3, 2014
References: biography & youtube
Celebrated sci-fi director Joss Whedon stresses the importance of dissent and debate in his commencement address to the graduating class of 2013 at Weslayan University. Imbuing his speech with frankness and humor, Whedon expresses his opinion that debate and conflict is vital for society, that expressing different views, either between individuals or within oneself, is an important part of humanity and a great gift.

Joss Whedon's commencement address tells the graduates to embrace the contradictions between the body and the mind, and the mind and itself. He says that "to accept duality is to earn identity". He wants the new graduates to involve themselves in the tensions, contradiction and debates in the world and within themselves. If people accept the part of themselves in constant conflict, he says, only then will they find peace and happiness in life, and ultimately change the world.