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John Elkington's Sustainable Business Keynote Examines Economics

 - Sep 29, 2013
References: johnelkington & youtube
In his sustainable business speech, John Elkington talks about adapting to climate change within a changing economic structure. Elkington himself is a leader in the field, as the co-founder of think tank SustainAbility and the founding partner and director of Volans. Ever the eco-innovator, Elinkington says he is most excited by the entrepreneurial spirit he sees today and their energetic attempts to destroy the incumbent economic way of being. He also acknowledges that as he gets older, his desire to "break things" becomes greater.

While his work was in large part responsible for the widespread term 'sustainability,' he is concerned that while the wording has caught on, the actions behind it have not. In his sustainable business speech, he looks at climate change in two ways: mitigation and adaptation, or the cure and the disease. He also speaks to the flexibility of the developed world compared to developing countries that are struggling with the ramifications of global warming.