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Bj Fogg's Habits Speech Will Have You Form Lasting Behavioral Changes

 - Jan 31, 2014
References: bjfogg & youtube
With his expertise in the field of leveraging computers, technology and systems to alter human behavior, BJ Fogg gave an incredibly informative habits speech.

Many people seek to alter their behavior, particularly for dieting or developing some other healthy lifestyle. Unlike many other speakers who talk about willpower or motivation, Fogg focuses instead on starting very small and very easy habits and building on them over time. Fogg suggests that once we know what behavior we wish to develop, we break it down into a very tiny micro habit. The goal isn't to form the new habit all at once, but rather by making the habit tiny enough, it becomes easier to repeat, and once we repeat it enough, it will become automatic.

BJ Fogg's habits speech advocates tying these habits to specific triggers and slowly building on them until they become behaviors.