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Jen Sincero's Wealth Talk Explores the Mindsets Behind Making Money

 - Jul 25, 2017
References: youtube & talksat.withgoogle
Jen Sincero's wealth talk recognizes that for many, money is an uncomfortable subject. Generations of cultural norms have driven into people the idea that it's impolite or uncouth to discuss one's own salary, and even more so when it comes to asking other people about theirs. However, the reality is that money is central to everyone's lives, and stigmas surrounding it are counterproductive.

Thus, in her wealth talk, Sincero tries to separate a conflation that many people subconsciously make. Namely, people often confuse a desire for wealth with greed. That's not the case; greed is when someone puts money over the well-being of others, whereas a desire for wealth need not harm anyone in the process.

The wealthy mindset requires that that conflation, as well as the many other negative connotations that many people deeply believe about money, be put aside. If people can do that, they'll have a far easier time when it comes to gaining money.