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In Her Talk on Money, Neha Narula Explains What the Future Could Be

 - Dec 22, 2016
References: ted & youtube
Neha Narula, a currency futurist, considers the increasingly important role of cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum and Bitcoin, in regards to the changing financial landscape in her talk on money.

She begins by saying that there's nothing inherently valuable about a coin, a bill or any other form of money, as they only gains meaning after we've decided so. All in all, money is nothing more than a collective fiction, which is currently evolving to suit the digital interfaces we are constantly interacting with.

Online banking is a great example of this, as it allowed people to handle their money through their phones or computers, with each interaction resulting in a simple shift of the numbers they see on a screen. However, different policies around the world have resulted in some friction, with an example being the lack of chip readers in Europe versus the United States.

Throughout her talk on money, Neha Narula describes the barriers that the financial landscape is facing and how to improve on them so that these transactions are smoother. A big part of this is the role that cryptocurrencies play, as they don't require institutional interaction to mediate them.