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TJ Lee's Talk on Life Discusses How to Make the Most of the Time You Have

 - Jul 3, 2015
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In her talk on life and living it fully, TJ Lee discusses how to make the most of the time you have. As a senior in college, she created the 77 Days of Davis project to encourage her fellow students to stop procrastinating and finally do all the things they always wanted to, but never got around to. This held students accountable by making them write it down and using social media to make it a contagious movement. This also created a community with a common goal of making the quarter count with unforgettable moments.

The talk on life explains that this has a much more meaningful message than achieving fame, success or money. The most important aspect is the relationships and the shared experience of checking things off a list together. This way you aren't just creating memories, but bonds that become stronger.

In closing, the talk on life states "To make life count, we must account for others." Simple steps you can take to make the most of it is to write it down, start now and share and celebrate living with others. We are always the pilot of our lives, but must bring passengers along for the ride.