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Stefan Sagmeister's Happiness Keynote Speech is Motivational

 - Apr 27, 2014
References: sagmeisterwalsh & youtube
Sharing with the audience how this artist thinks about happiness and his personal quest to always be contempt, Stefan Sagmeister encourages everyone to find out what they like to do most in life in his happiness keynote speech.

In his talk, the successful designer talks about his seven tips on being happy and how he tries to stick by them.

"I was thinking of training my mind in a particular way, like I can train my body," says Sagmeister in his happiness keynote speech.

Known for having a completely different way of looking at the world, Sagmeister uses graphic illustrations to make his point and to push those in the audience to pour their heart and soul into really understanding what makes their life worthwhile.

Sagmeister shares his experience of merging film, design and the philosophy behind happiness in his 'The Happy Film' project.