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Stefan Sagmeister Shares Life Lessons in this Creative Endeavor Keynote

 - Jul 28, 2012
References: sagmeister & vimeo
Renowned graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister discusses not taking creativity for granted in this creative endeavor keynote. The insights found from Sagmeister were sparked from a clipping from his diary, which stated that "over time [he] got used to everything and start taking it for granted." This notion was applied not only to his artwork, but also to something as simple as living in New York, hence why Sagmeister decided to experiment with typography.

Sagmeister speaks about the diverse new experiences sparked from this idea. Whether it is dressing up as a Red Sox fan at a New York Yankees game or being misinterpreted as a suicide jumper while sitting outside the Empire State Building for the project, Sagmeister embraced the surprises that arose.

This creative endeavor keynote is applicable to all sides of life, whether it be design, art or just living. By taking chances one will never take their creativity for granted.