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Barry Berkus's Dream Big Keynote Encourages People To Explore

 - Jun 23, 2012
References: barryberkus & youtube
Architect Barry Berkus discusses how to get creative in this dream big keynote. Berkus begins his speech by addressing creativity as the soul of the earth. Individuals in the creative field are paid to be imaginative and therefor make creativity a currency.

Oftentimes individuals will become stuck in a rut of repetitive day to day tasks. Diversion creates creativity in the mind; it is a way of bringing about new ideas in response to a needed solution. The more interesting and inventive one can be with their approaches, the more they "will be able to spread their wings and move."

Great things occur when you get outside the box. By adventuring into unfamiliar territory, exercising one's brain somewhere it hasn't been before and dreaming big, the future will become an abundance of opportunity and reward.