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This Minimalist Creativity Speech by Grant Blakeman Goes Back to Basics

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: grantblakeman & youtube
This minimalist creativity speech by Grant Blakeman explains the benefits of keeping it simple in all areas of life.

Focusing on the paradox of choice and how consumers can become overwhelmed by an abundance of options, this keynote balances the way in which companies and people may benefit from streamlining. Blakeman, who himself is a graphic designer, understands the relationship between people and consumer services, and it well-suited to speak about this topic. He uses many illustrations to explain his ideas and playfully goes through his points by presenting a 'day in the life' situation.

From having too many things to do to not being able to choose a single tube of toothpaste, Blakeman makes a strong case in this minimalist creativity speech for simplicity and how it can benefit the lives of those who embrace this shift.