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Dominic Muren's Electronic Design Keynote is Practical & Efficient

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: dmuren & youtube
Dominic Muren discusses his new model for designing consumer electronics in this electronic design keynote. Muren's framework is called SSG (Skin, Skeleton, Guts) and takes nature as its model for how electronic devices should be built in order to improve quality and reduce waste.

Rather than following a model where one designer decides how a product should be made, the SSG model outsources opinions and ideas from a wide range of people who work on individual components. These components will be interchangeable and self-contained. Having the individual components "modular, open and remixable," electronic devices would be constructed in a way that would increase the quality and drastically the reduce the need to continuously throw out and replace certain products.

A lot can be learned from nature, not only in regards to our own health and environment but also in terms of business models and design initiatives as Dominic Muren demonstrates.