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Anand Agarawala Discusses the Benefits of a Messy Desk and BumpTop

 - Mar 14, 2012
References: honeybrown & youtube
Motivated to create a better work environment and experience on his own computer, Anand Agarawala applied his education in computer science and graphic design to create BumpTop, a three-dimensional computer desktop program.

In his presentation, Anand Agarawala argues that technology and design today are in the 'cave painting era' of computer interfaces. He goes on to explain that today's computer interfaces aren't as deep or as engaging as they possibly could be, representing an extremely limited number of enhancements over the last 30 years. Inspired by his own desk space, he applied its subtlety and three-dimensional characteristics to a new age interface. The technology allows for a much more engaged experience, allowing one to push, pull and drag items as well as stacking folders and icons to create virtual piles.

Agarawala's speech is both informative and engaging as it features plenty of visuals and showcases his unique ideas and passion for improving the way humans interact with technology.