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This Design Creativity Speech by Johanna Blakley Explores Copying

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: johannablakley.wordpress & youtube
This design creativity speech by Johanna Blakley explores the idea of replication with regard to the fashion industry. Blakley, who fills the role of Deputy Director at the Norman Lear Center, is experienced when it comes to topics of innovation and design.

This speech discusses the issue of copyright, or lack thereof, in a refreshing way that embraces the tendency. In this keynote, Blakley explains that the tendency to replicate is not only less of a threat than designers may think, but can be a positive way in which aesthetic ideas can be recycled and renewed. Discussing the idea of piracy in a new and thought-provoking way, her speech puts forward a compelling idea with plenty of examples to prove her point. Innovation, she explains, relies on the open sharing of ideas, an idea which can be applied to open-sourced information at large.

Making a case for a tendency often dismissed as negative, this design creativity speech is a revolutionary approach to information sharing.