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Matt Schoenholz's Learning From Innovation keynote Relates to Parenting

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: mattschoenholz & youtube
Comparing innovation to parenting, Matt Schoenholz discusses what people can gain from creative ideas in this learning from innovation keynote.

Like a parent, a creative director's role is to create a safe space for ideas to flourish. Throughout the world over a trillion dollars is spent on ideas, over 95 percent of those never make it to the market. Schoenholz discusses five key steps that will allow a creative idea to grow and flourish.

The first step is to find an idea that is right for you; only then can the idea be driven by passion and conviction. Once that idea is developed it needs space. This space consists of the mindset that is prepared to give the idea the room it needs to develop and grow. As an idea matures, it becomes refined and returns to its essence, something that cannot be rushed.

Matt Schoenholz concludes his speech by saying if people can "passionately push forward with an idea that has meaning, we can reduce that 95 percent and solve the innovation challenge."