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Guy Kawasaki's Innovation Strategy Keynote Has Four Crucial Tips

 - May 30, 2012
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Guy Kawasaki's innovation strategy keynote provides a simple and straightforward explanation of what makes a product or service innovative in today's markets.

Kawasaki uses the acronym 'DICE' to dissect the most important qualities of innovation. 'D' stands for deep -- the quality of a service or product must be deep if it is to be innovative, incorporating a wide range of appealing features.

The 'I' stands for intelligence. As Kawasaki briefly explains, it is important for brands to anticipate what consumers need without them even knowing it. Innovation's quality of intelligence should result in people reacting by saying, "somebody was thinking." He uses the example of Panasonic and its design of a flashlight that takes not one, but three sizes of batteries.

The 'C' stands for complete. All innovative products and services are complete in that they predict a consumer's questions and interactions.

Lastly, the 'E' stands for elegance. Kawasaki truly believes that great products and services are beautiful and elegant.

Kawasaki's innovation strategy keynote is short, but it provides an insightful and holistic analysis of innovation today.