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A Creativity Speech by David Kelley Explores Everyone's Potential

 - May 19, 2012
References: ideo & youtu.be
This creativity speech from David Kelley, the man dedicated to helping businesses, brands and CEOs unlock their creative potential, explores how individuals can build up their creative confidence.

He begins his speech by sharing a story from his childhood when a fellow classmate was belittled by a young girl for his work on a clay horse. He explains how one negative experience can entirely deter someone from further engaging in creativity-based activities or exercises; he recalls dozens of CEOs finding any and every excuse to opt out of an innovation or creativity workshop. He describes these individuals as feeling extremely uncomfortable and anxious about the creative process in general.

David Kelley's creativity speech hones in on how he's working towards building up the confidence of people from a wide range of disciplines and positions, from CEOs to managers and designers. He contributes that people are often surprised at how confident and innovative they can be once they get over the fear of being judged or belittled.