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Roger Firestien Discusses Making Innovative Change Efficient

 - Feb 29, 2012
References: rogerfirestien & youtube
Roger Firestien believes that creativity, while often unorganized, can be done systematically. Firestien earned a Ph.D in communication the State University of New York, which broadened his opinion on the use of creativity in the corporate world. He is currently the president of Innovation Resources, Inc., a creative problem solving consultation group. His work focuses on making productive, efficient, innovative solutions.

Roger Firestien offers the benefits he sees in approaching a problem from a creative stand point. He discusses the different forms of creativity. Some prefer thinking outside the box and taking risks. Others prefer incremental improvement, making it a system or a process. The latter usually comes from a superior or management position. Young creatives can take advantage of this systematic approach by categorizing their innovative ideas.