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David Carson's Discovery and Creativity Keynote is Funny and Enlightening

 - May 23, 2012
References: davidcarsondesign & youtube
Talking about the need to become invested in one's work, this discovery and creativity keynote by David Carson revolves around the importance of people in an age that is driven by technology.

As a graphic designer, David Carson is interested in the emotion of design, the feeling that is relayed to an individual before that person begins to read the message in the graphic. Simple decisions such as color, text style, images, etc. all affect how a person responds to and relates with a piece of graphic art.

In any creative field it is important that an individual invest themselves into their work. No one else can utilize your personal background, childhood experiences, family history and all the other aspects that makes you unique. Carson wraps up his keynote by asking "why not experiment, why not have fun, why not put yourself into the work?"