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This Hillel Cooperman Keynote Reveals the Value in Playing With Toys

 - May 13, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this Hillel Cooperman keynote the entrepreneur and LEGO enthusiast talks about his personal experiences with the popular building blocks. After buying a fairly intricate LEGO set for his four year old daughter, Cooperman and his wife soon realized that the LEGO they were purchasing was predominately for their own use.

While the common perception of LEGO is that it is specifically for children, this keynote reveals that the 'Dark Ages' in one's life could include the period from which one decides to retire their childhood toys (such as LEGO) and the the moment where one realizes that embracing their inner child is okay.

With the vast array of LEGO products, it's clear that it exceeds beyond the realm of child's play. Intricate architecture, robotic designs, artistic sculptures and more are made by adults who have decided that playing with toys is not only acceptable but is a fun and imaginative way to engage with one's creative nature.