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This Gever Tulley Keynote Discourages Against Over Protecting Children

 - May 7, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this Gever Tulley keynote the co-founder of The Tinkering School encourages parents to allow their children to engage in five dangerous activities. Far from advocating childhood injuries, Tulley argues that as the boundaries for safety zones continue to decrease, people are cutting off opportunities for kids to learn about the world and their environment. Children will always find ways to hurt themselves despite the abundance of precautions parents take.

Playing with fire, using a pocket knife, throwing a spear, deconstructing appliances and driving a car are the five dangerous things that Gever Tulley says are vital for a child to develop a healthy appreciation for the limits of control.

In order for children to become creative, confidant and comfortable with their environment they need to experiment with those objects that may very well hurt them. Of course, these activities should be done in the presence of a mature supervisor.