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This Carlo Ratti Keynote Explores the Concept of Sensible Design

 - May 15, 2012
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In this Carlo Ratti keynote, the architect and professor at MIT shares the advancements he and his team of research have made in the field of design. He and his team have achieved something he likes to call 'sensible design.' He describes sensible design as a real-time control system made up of two parts including sensing and actuating. These systems become like computers in open air.

To demonstrate how this technology can serve a purpose, he shares with the audience a map that tracked the cell phone activity during the World Cup final in 2006. He then showed what happened when tracking chips were attached to pieces of trash; individuals witnessed their trash continuing to travel across the country, even after two months since having been discarded.

Ratti believes that sensible design will reveal more about our consumption behavior, motivating individuals to be more conscious of how they're using space and the things they are consuming.