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Bruce Nussbaum Argues That 'Design Thought' is More Effective than New Ideas

 - Feb 29, 2012
References: businessweek & youtube
In this captivating keynote, BusinessWeek contributing editor Bruce Nussbaum argues a new conceptual solution triumphs over innovation. He believes that too much time spent on brainstorming can halt the productivity of a business.

Nussbaum discusses his theory of 'design thinking,' which involves approaching a solution with the goal of perfecting or streamlining process with already existing design theory. Opposed to the concept of innovation, which he says is overused and hinders progress, Nussbaum strongly maintains the view that 'design thought' is a more effective method and better experience for people across all sectors.

His ideology replaces partial, messy or fractured ideas with well-thought out, dynamic concepts. By taking on the process of brainstorming in a more strategic way, it will be more likely for a company to realize one brilliant idea over several good ones.