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Brady Forrest Delivers a Sharing Art Keynote that Explores the Event

 - Jul 25, 2012
References: linkedin & vimeo
Founder of Ignite Brady Forrest discusses the incredible experience of Burning Man in this sharing art keynote. Forrest was one of the 45,000 people to attend the annual week-long temporary city in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. From this experience, there is an ability to become inspired by the majestical nature of the environment that is a blank slate both physically and metaphorically. As Burning Man does not follow many of societal conventions, people are allowed to create things that would have not been possible.

Forrest shares a story how back in 2009, 80 people built a 35 foot Rubik's Cube for this inspiring temporary city. This art could only happen in this location; Forrest believes that this project allowed the formation of community as these people became lifelong friends bonding over their work. Though there is criticism due to its temporariness, Burning Man inspires people's creativity. The importance of this sharing art keynote is that possibilities thrive when conventions are not forced upon them and imagination rules.