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Natalie Warne's Story Talk Explains How Life is a Network of Shared Experiences

 - Jul 31, 2014
In her story talk, Natalie Warne references a previous TedxTalk and discusses her idea that a story never stands alone and that stories connect us. People have a choice to amplify the stories of the people around them. The speaker explains how everyone plays the supporting role in stories unfolding around them everyday. In this way, one person's story is everyone's story.

Knowing this, real change can only truly occur through a connected community of radically committed individuals. She refers to her time at Invisible Children and how the Kony 2012 campaign is the perfect example of how a community has worked and how stories don't stand alone. Warne's story talk explores how stories are unfolding around us everyday whether we want to be apart of them or not. When we look at the role we play in people's lives and not just how they affect us, it makes our story even more riveting to read. She concludes by saying Kony 2012 pushed back the curtain, but social media doesn't connect us it reveals how connected we've always been.