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Spencer West's Empowering Youth Keynote is a Call To Action

 - Sep 19, 2013
References: freethechildren & youtu.be
In his empowering youth keynote, Spencer West speaks out to the millennial generation, imploring them to take action against all odds. The double amputee discusses the courage and adaptability needed to make a change in the world. He tells his personal story of going on a service trip to Kenya and seeing firsthand the struggles of the local community members when faced with the effects of drought, the most severe in 60 years.

This opportunity changed his life and inspired him to not only speak out on overcoming obstacles, but also to inspire others to take action and give back. This empowering youth keynote is a call to action for young people to step forward, rather than sitting back when they have the capacity to end poverty, climate change and drought. He defies the audience to redefine their own potential and create change.